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From zagiatakrapovic <>
Subject Solaris SPARC, queued messages never handled
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 10:51:21 GMT

Hi guys,

I experience a very strange problem. The software I'm maintaining is running
under Windows, Linux and Solaris (x86, SPARC). Now with the new release
everything seems fine except Solaris SPARC (v.10 and v.9). Under Solaris the
queued messages are never processed. If I copy the very same installation
folder to a Linux machine, everything works fine!
We are using JMS to pass messages from one host to another (only in one
direction) with help of a ssl-queue.
In order to find the problem we turned on debugging in activemq and our
software. We investigated the handshake, the transmission and the queue and
its messages. Everything works fine. The messages are received and queued
properly. But there is never a callback to the "onMessage()" method,
registered as consumer of the queue (yes I have seen and tried: "I am not
receiving any messages - what is wrong?").

We tried to switch of 'clientAuth' in ssl and even went to pure tcp://
connections with no changes of the behaviour. 

We thought that one possible problem with Solaris could be the long TCP
timeout for connections with TIME_WAIT status. Even the program was stopped
the queue connections were still present (in netstat) for about 2h. A
restart of the program led to activemq connection problems, we are handling
this issue by collecting the connection and disposing the queue.
Nevertheless we corrected that using 'ndd' (after a long stfw-session). The
timeout is now at the min. of 10s.
I think we tried out every possible argument of tcp:// and ssl://, with no
Debugging with JMX did not work properly on Solaris (using FUSE,
ActiveMQBrowser), we couldn't figure out how to properly set it up (we tried
the url argument and the JVM argument) without changing code (querying the
web has shown that we are not the only persons failing on this). JConsole
did work out and we could verify that messages are received at least.

The worst thing is we have no clue were to look further. There are no error
messages at all.
We also tried other versions of the activemq: 5.0 - 5.3.2, same result.

Before we start to check every 'diff' in the new release compared to the old
working one, I thought maybe someone could give me a hint were to look or
how to collect more information about the problem.

I know this short summary is everything else than complete or precise, hence
I will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have ....
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