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From Denis Bazhenov <>
Subject When ActiveMQ does flush non persistent messages to disk
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 05:19:56 GMT
We have some administrative task, from time to time. For example, move
database on another physical server etc. It's very easy when write to
database in offloaded with ActiveMQ. We simply turn off the consumer
updating database, move database, switching read to a new database, and
finally, turning on consumer with new database.

It's all works fine when task quite small (in terms of time). But if we
turn off consumer for a long period of time (for example a day), we
experience problems with non persisted messages. ActiveMQ try to hold
them all in memory, so soon a later it hangs up with OutOfMemoryError.

This shouldn't be a big problem, as of ActiveMQ have special store (Temp
store) for flushing non persistent messages on a disk. I'm play around
with some configuration options (memoryUsage, tempUsage, queue memory
limit policies), but can not figure it out, how to deal with this

Thanks a lot.
Denis Bazhenov <>

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