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From Ivan Pechorin <>
Subject Re: Temporary queues and a WAN
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 15:23:44 GMT
2010/6/22  <>:
> As per the advice at
> I am using temporary Qs for my replies.
> ...
> Because of various technical obstacles that I wont go into here, I am only
> able to run with ActiveMQ locally. ActiveMQ is fine there and so is
> IBM-MQSeries. I am not able to see if ActiveMQ would still work in the WAN
> situation. But IBM does not seem to like it. What advice/recommendations
> do people have please?

As far as I understand, temporary queues in ActiveMQ are directly
linked to client connection.
If client connection to broker is interrupted, all the temporary
queues created within this connection are lost.
If there were any requests in the middle of processing, replies to
these requests are lost (because ReplyTo destination specified in
these requests is no longer valid).
The same problem remains in case if client uses failover transport.
That's why we don't use temporary queues for ReplyTo.

ActiveMQ gurus, please correct me, if I am wrong.
Actually, I didn't perform enough testing to be 100% sure of the
statements above.

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