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From <>
Subject Pure Master / Slave - start order
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 15:22:07 GMT

in a cluster szenario we run a distributed application containing
ActiveMQ. We configure a pure master/slave, with one cluster host as
ActiveMQ master (waitForSlave="true") and another one as slave. All
cluster nodes are started simultaneous (more or less, not really

Now, when slave node starts before master node, slave node (activemq)
gives an error that it can't connect to master. ("MasterConnector:
Failed to start network bridge...")
Even if master starts just a few seconds after the slave, this error

This also causes the master to hang up, because it waits for the slave.
(We have to set waitForSlave="true" to assure consistency.)

So, is there any way to avoid that the slave node has to be started
first, and the master node has to wait until the slave node comes up? 

My expectation would have been, that the slave is polling for the
master, with retrying that again, if connection fails in the first
attempt (?)

Any ideas?

Best Regards,

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