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From Steve Kehlet <>
Subject Re: testing WebSocket + STOMP support, getting occasional "No transportListener available..." errors
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 18:15:32 GMT

> can you post your JS code so we can try reproduce the problem you're

Cool, thanks for the response.  Sure, I am able to reproduce it with only
the code from Jeff Mesnil at,
linked off his "Stomp of Websockets" page at  Download the source and install it
somewhere it can be served.

Download a 5.4 snapshot activemq, add the transportConnectors for websocket
and stomp to activemq.xml (I don't believe I did anything else special to
it), start it up, and tail -F the activemq.log.  I'm using 32 bit java
1.6.0_16 on CentOS 5.3.  

Browse to his chat example index.html, and here are the values I used (you
might edit the index.html with your values to make this easier):

Server URL: ws://
Login: guest
Password: guest
Destination: /topic/test

Simply Connect and Disconnect until you get the "No transportListener
available to process inbound command" ERROR in the log.  Took maybe 5-10
times at first, then I stopped and restarted activemq, and it happened on
the first try.   Then if you keep trying, you'll get in.

Also when I let a successful connection go I can see with tcpdumps that the
activemq side consistently closes the connection after 200 seconds, which is
something else I'd like to be able to increase (but due to my noobness with
activemq I don't know and can't seem to google well enough to figure out

I'm happy to believe it's me or something I'm doing, if I can provide any
more information or do any tests please let me know.  Thanks again, this is
really cool stuff btw.
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