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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Topology Question - possible?
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 13:13:18 GMT

If you use the discovery agent across all your brokers, the result will be a
full mesh, and not tree, topology. In other words, all the brokers will be

You do not have to explicitly create the queues at the brokers. They will be
dynamically created on-demand. 

ActiveMQ Ref Guide -

LaRockstar wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm considering a distributed system of loosely coupled nodes organized in
> a tree structure of depth 2 or 3 (including the root). I'm considering
> using ActiveMQ/JMS as means of communicating between the tree nodes.
> Within the tree the communication pattern between the nodes is as follows:
> 1) shared data published from the root node should be disseminated
> (downwards) to all the child nodes?
> 2) the root node should be able to send data (downwards) to each
> individual child node - again one level at a time.
> 3) each child node should be able to send data (upwards) to the root node
> - one level at a time.
> When saying 'node', I basically mean a broker to which JMS clients can
> connect (clients not considered here).
> The figure here illustrates what I would like to achieve (with 7 nodes in
> this example); 1) the black arrows representing the downwards publishing
> from the root to all the nodes, 2) the red arrows, indicating the
> downwards sending from the root to a single node, and 3) the blue arrows,
> indicating the upwards sending from a single child node to the root node. 
> Can I model such a communication scheme with ActiveMQ/JMS? Should bridges
> between the brokers be uni- or bidirectional? It is not clear to me if I
> have to explicitly create the topics/queues on each node/broker, or if
> this is done implicitly upon bridging together the brokers?
> I was thinking about using multicasting for discovery and setting up of
> the tree structure. Is there anything that would prevent this from being
> possible?
> Thanks.

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