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From Roland Thomas Lichti <>
Subject Re: Howto probe brokers from a loadBalancer
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 08:12:01 GMT
dialsc schrieb:
> this works like a charm but the only thing i haven't solved so fare is how
> to probe a broker from the load balancer. so far i just do a simple tcp
> probe but this of course produces errors at each broker probed.
Well, untill we decided to use the brokers without loadbalancer we
experimented with STOMP. The LB used something like




as script and checked if the connection line occured. I'm no LB guy, but
our LB admins where able to code that into a F5.

It was really important to do a correct session since otherwise the
broker got some problems after a few hours of testing (the LB guys
wanted to test every 2 seconds) ...


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