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From ttmgary <>
Subject Re: Troubleshooting network of brokers?
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 00:02:26 GMT


Regarding your A <-> B <-> C config, I also get a roughly 10/90 distribution
when testing 5.3.1. On 5.3.0, I have randomly seen both 50/50 and 10/90, so
I am not sure what is going on there.

In your "more complex topologies" scenario, I bet you are running into AMQ-2135 . Look at the
last update of that JIRA where ying suggests
suppressDuplicateQueueSubscriptions="true" -- that setting can really make a
difference for stuck messages!


Keith Thornhill-3 wrote:
> i've seen that for a network such as A <-> B <-> C with consumers on B
> and C, if i put 10,000 messages on A, they all get sent to B, about
> 1000 get sent to the local consumer and the other 9000 get sent to C.
> since messages can't go backwards, they are stuck there until the
> local consumer gets to them.  i'd like it so that each consumer gets
> the same number of messages, and thought that the round-robin behavior
> is default.
> i've also seen that for more complex topologies with more than one
> route to a consumer, messages will get stuck on a broker even though
> they have no consumers there. dynamicOnly is set to true, and my TTL
> is set to 2x the number of brokers.  i also run topics on this network
> of brokers, so turning off conduitSubscriptions doesn't seem like an
> option. are there known bugs with regards to certain topology
> patterns?

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