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From john robens <>
Subject ActiveMQ using too much bandwidth
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 01:56:30 GMT

We are trying to use activemq/camel to keep a web-site external to the
organisation in sync. We send a delta update every 10 minutes.  Because it
is hosted outside the organisation there are bandwidth limits.

We are using ActiveMQ with Apache Camel and there are 2xroutes. The
2xroutes/queues are the the route that runs every 10 minutes and one that
runs daily. This configuration results in approximately 50kb/s of traffic -
openwire negotiations and temporary topic/queue information.

We are interested in tuning this - can activeMQ be set to only perform
advisory updates slowly? Once a minute would be fine as this is a low
latency application. We were planning on rolling this type of technology out
to 1000 clients to keep them up-to-date - at this scale this traffic would
be quite expensive.

ActiveMQ spring config is simply:

<broker:broker useJmx="false" persistent="false" brokerName="tcp">
          <!--          <broker:policyEntry topic=">"
advisoryForConsumed="true"/>  -->

            <broker:transportConnector name="tcp" uri="${activemq.uri}"/>

Attached is a pcap file with transactions and data dump.

Maven project, simply deployed as a spring jar with:
Activemq :5.3.0
Camel: 2.2.0


0434 996 607

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