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From Keith Thornhill <>
Subject Troubleshooting network of brokers?
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 03:14:38 GMT
Hi all,

is there any documentation for best practices when setting up a
network of brokers?  this page
( doesn't really
tell you anything useful.  using 5.3.1 i'm seeing lots of messages
getting stuck on brokers with no relevant consumers, even tho my TTL
is high, as well as brokers passing along a message even tho it has a
local consumer.

i am unsure about the expected behavior for NoB (what works great,
where are there bugs, etc) and would love some feedback from users who
successfully run distributed queues.

if you'd like to read specifics, details are below.


my goal is to run distributed worker queues.  for example, a message
could be put on any broker, and it will round-robin it amongst the
current set of consumers.  so ideally, all brokers in a given data
center are connected to all other brokers to allow multiple routes to
consumers.  cross-datacenter connections would be more hub/spoke style
to reduce the number of cross-colo connections.  so imagine 2 clusters
of brokers, with a single connection between the clusters.

i've seen that for a network such as A <-> B <-> C with consumers on B
and C, if i put 10,000 messages on A, they all get sent to B, about
1000 get sent to the local consumer and the other 9000 get sent to C.
since messages can't go backwards, they are stuck there until the
local consumer gets to them.  i'd like it so that each consumer gets
the same number of messages, and thought that the round-robin behavior
is default.

i've also seen that for more complex topologies with more than one
route to a consumer, messages will get stuck on a broker even though
they have no consumers there. dynamicOnly is set to true, and my TTL
is set to 2x the number of brokers.  i also run topics on this network
of brokers, so turning off conduitSubscriptions doesn't seem like an
option. are there known bugs with regards to certain topology

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