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From Patrick Kamin <>
Subject Unacknowledged message is not redelivered
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 09:40:19 GMT
Hi community,
I'm facing an issue with the following setup.

ActiveMQ version: 5.3.1 embedded via xbean configured
Persistent queue (Kaha)
OS: CentOS java 1.6
App server: Tomcat with spring

I have one consumer (one async session with INDIVIDUAL_ACKNOWLEDGE). If I don't acknowledge
a message due to i.e. processing errors this message is unfortunately never redelivered during
runtime. Once I restart the broker the message is redelivered successfully. But I would like
to get the behavior that the broker tries to redeliver the message after a certain time (initialRedeliveryDelay?)

Thanks in advance for your support


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