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From Josh Carlson <>
Subject Messages stuck after Client host reboot
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 18:43:37 GMT
I am using client acknowledgements with a prefetch size of 1 with no 
message expiration policy. When a consumer subscribes to a queue I can 
see that the message gets dispatched correctly. If the process gets 
killed before retrieving and acknowledging the message I see the message 
getting re-dispatched (correctly). I expected this same behaviour if the 
host running the process gets rebooted or crashes. However, after reboot 
I can see that the message is stuck in the dispatched state to the 
consumer that is long gone. Is there a way that I can get messages 
re-dispatched when a host hosting consumer processes gets re-booted? How 
does it detect the case when a process dies (even with SIGKILL)?

I did notice that if I increase my prefetch size and enqueue another 
message after the reboot, that activemq will re-dispatch the original 
message. However with prefetch size equal to one the message never seems 
to get re-dispatched.

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