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From jvgriffis <>
Subject Recovering Persistent Messages
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2010 16:36:22 GMT

I couldn't find my issue on the mailing list, but I might not have been
searching correctly - forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere.

I have a couple questions about how persistent messages are preserved when
they fail, but are in the process of being retried.  I'm using
ProducerTemplate to inject a message into a queue, which is picked up by a
Consumer POJO that processes it.  Here's the setup:

* I'm using Java 1.6 in an app with a standalone AMQ 5.3 instance (tcp
connection, with mysql persistence backend), and use Camel 2.3-SNAPSHOT for

* Use ProducerTemplate to send a (persistent) message in to a queue.
* Camel route directs that message to process() method on a POJO bean.
* I create an exception on purpose to force the retry stuff into action.

Question 1:  The retry mechanism appears to work fine.  However, where is
the message between retry attempts?  Using the /admin web interface on the
AMQ instance I cannot see it in any queue anywhere.

* Now, turn off the AMQ instance, and turn it back on.

Question 2: What happens to the message?  It's marked persistent, but it
doesn't show up in ACTIVEMQ_MSGS in mysql, and on AMQ restart it never shows
up again to be consumed.

Am I doing something foolish here?  I need these persistent messages to
actually be, you know, persistent, in case something happens to AMQ while a
message is in there (somewhere). :)

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