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From icfantv <>
Subject Running ActiveMQ and having a database failover
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 17:33:59 GMT

We learned the hard way that using ActiveMQ with a database store doesn't
play nicely with vacuums in that ActiveMQ uses open transactions to "lock"
the relevant tables so secondary ActiveMQ servers wait to take over should
the primary ActiveMQ server fail.  The open transaction causes vacuums to
never finish - very bad on production databases.

Learning from our mistakes, we set up a separate database server for use
solely by ActiveMQ.  Now ActiveMQ can have open transactions to its heart's
content and we don't care because we don't need to vacuum these
tables...much, if ever.

The problem we are facing now is that we run the ActiveMQ database server in
a primary/secondary configuration such that if the primary fails, the
secondary server gets the IP address of the primary and in theory, the
service corrects itself.  However, ActiveMQ also doesn't appear to like
having it's database connection ripped out from underneath it and instead of
failing gracefully, it pukes and while the process still runs, it no longer
accepts connections from ActiveMQ clients.  We have to physically kill the
ActiveMQ process and restart it.

Does anyone have a solution whereby we can use primary/failover database
servers in conjunction with ActiveMQ such that ActiveMQ can recover without
user intervention?  We are currently using ActiveMQ 5.1.


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