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From Mike Rawlins <>
Subject Sanity Check: HTTP Transport and REST same or different?
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 19:04:49 GMT


Please forgive me if this is very basic question, but after spending a
couple of fruitless hours trying to verify a configuration I think I've
about decided I was on the wrong track.

We have a need to for a remote AMQ client to connect over the public
internet through firewalls. We've been looking at using the HTTPS transport
to do this. To test my AMQ (5.3) configuration I decided to just start by
making sure I had HTTP configured and working correctly, then move to HTTPS
and deal with whatever certificate issues arose.

To bring up HTTP I added to conf/activemq.xml under

<transportConnector name="http" uri=""/>

Then, under what appears to be an erroneous assumption that REST style
commands would work over this transport, I tried some GET and POST requests
to http://localhost:61620 using a generic HTTP client. They didn't work.

On further investigation, it appears that to use REST type commands one
needs to use the REST Servlet that is installed in the webapps directory,
accessible at http://localhost:8161. Rereading the documentation leads me to
conclude that the HTTP and HTTPS transports are strictly for tunneling JMS,
and not for supporting REST style HTTP requests. Am I correct?

If I'm correct, is there anything else I need to do to get HTTP and HTTPS
working (for tunneling JMS) other than adding transportConnector elements to
activemq.xml and configuring the key and trust stores as described for SSL?

Thanks very much,

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