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From bbuzzard <>
Subject Why does Bridge drop a message between ActiveMQ brokers?
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 20:16:18 GMT

I have two ActiveMQ brokers set up: one on my laptop and the other on a
server.  The laptop has two queues set up: "example.A" and "example.B".  I'm
using camel to monitor a directory on the laptop and take any new file from
that directory and place it into "example.A" queue.

The server is set up with two queues: "example.A" and "example.B". 
"example.A" queue on the server is bridged to "example.A" on the laptop. 
Camel then routes the message from "example.A" to "example.B" on the server. 
"example.B" is then bridged back to the laptop for testing.

I have a test routine on the laptop that burst loads "example.A" with 1000
messages each containing from 100 to 1000 alpha characters from 'A' to 'Z'. 
The purpose of this test is to check the reliability of the bridges.  Each
burst of messages is followed by another burst of messages every one to five
minutes apart.

If I allow the test program to run for a while, it will get up to about
16000 messages before the first message is dropped.  Using the ActiveMQ
admin web app on the laptop I can see that all of the messages were routed
to the server, but using the ActiveMQ admin web app on the server shows that
all but one made it to the server.  

The activemq.logs do not show any errors.  I will include the test files and
the two activemq.xml files.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens? FileMonitor.groovy TestRouter.groovy activemq.xml server-activemq.xml 

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