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From Shyam Santhanam <>
Subject Re: Problems with Virtual Topics
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 16:59:17 GMT

James - great thanks for your replies, they were very helpful.

James Casey-2 wrote:
> use suppressDuplicateQueueSubscriptions="true" on the network connectors I
> normally only see one additional consumer - what is your topology ?

Thanks, I'm definitely gonna try this out. We have a fully-connected
topology, i.e every broker is connected to every other. 

James Casey-2 wrote:
> Could it be this : <> ?

Yes, perhaps it's just the statistic that is off. Makes more sense now.
Thank you.

James Casey-2 wrote:
>> When I try to browse the contents of
>> the topic, I often find that there are some residual messages (usually
>> far
>> fewer messages than indicated by the QueueSize statistic, but > 0
>> nonetheless). Again, this doesn't gel with my understanding. I thought
>> that
>> the topics themselves are "virtual" which should imply that they don't
>> have
>> a persistent cache of messages anywhere? Are the virtual topics
>> themselves
>> also persisted? If so, when do messages in the topic get evacuated?
>> You can  use the topic as a normal topic - perhaps this is the effect you
> see ?  when you subscribe then any  messages received will be sent to your
> topic consumer.

Yes this would explain it. Since we never consume from these topics
directly, how do we prevent messages from backing up indefinitely in these
topics? We'd prefer not to have a TTL set on our messages, since this is
very critical non-transient data.

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