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From <>
Subject 5.1.0 -> 5.3.1 upgrade questions.
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:56:49 GMT
I have been tasked with maintenance of our ActiveMQ install on Windows, after its previous
maintainer left the company. Let me say, up front, that I am brand new to it and am working
to come up to speed on it, so please bear with me, if I should sound clueless.

We are running version 5.1.0. It would appear that our installation is virtually an out-of-the-zip
install, with only two minor edits to the activemq.xml file (I diffed our 5.1.0 directory
tree against a pristine download of it):

    <managementContext createConnector="true"/>

whereas in the pristine copy it is set to false, and:

<!-- <route>
    <from uri="activemq:example.A"/>
    <to uri="activemq:example.B"/>
</route> -->

whereas in the pristine copy this is uncommented.

I've been tasked with upgrading to 5.3.1 and being able to roll back to this version if need
be. Looking at the changelogs for the version after 5.1.0, I see that much has changed.

My first question is this: if I make these same two changes to the 5.3.1 configuration (the
first in activemq.xml and the second in camel.xml, since that's now split off), is 5.3.1 a
drop in replacement for 5.1.0, that will simply 'just work' in the same way without any of
our stuff that uses it noticing any difference at all?

Secondly, if we ran into trouble, could I just shutdown the 5.3.1 service, restart the 5.1.0
service and just be back in business again?

Thank you, in advance, for your time and comments.


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