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From joe <>
Subject Re: facility for temporary connections?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:11:43 GMT
Hi Dejan,

 > the main question is do you really need that many clients and can you
 > redesign your system to use smaller number of clients and selectors
 > for example?

Every Client has some data which should be backuped. So if a customer 
has so many clients he wishes to backup it must be supported. The backup 
is done over direct socket communication by a legacy application, the 
broker wouldn't be involved for that task, he just has to inform the 
client about executing a job.
In general the messages handled by the broker are quite small and the 
performance is not so important.

Currently this is done by a kind of proprietary RMI-Broker, which works 
ok for this issue but our Broker has some other pitfalls so we are 
looking for a replacement.

 > as of scaling, the best starting point to scaling the broker is this
 > article

During my experiments i used one queue for all clients and the IP of the 
client as a Selector.
is it better to use one queue for every client when having many clients?

 > You may also want to consider creating a network of brokers for this 
 > task.

Yes this sounds very interesting.
So for supporting 5000 clients its possible to use 10 Brokers each 
handling connections for 500 clients?
If i understand this strategy/feature correctly it should be possible to 
support 100 of 1000s of clients?!
Ok its some work to configure/administer all these brokers but if a 
network of brokers works reliable this is definitely something i should 

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