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From joe <>
Subject facility for temporary connections?
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2010 15:33:55 GMT

I am searching for a kind of MOM technology and played around with 
ActiveMQ in the last weeks.
The beginning was/is quite hard for me, but with the MEAP of "ActiveMQ 
in Action" and the docs on your pages i made some progress. ;)

For our requirements ActiveMQ looks promising, but there is one thing i 
am not sure about.

We have one central server where a scheduler is running. This scheduler 
produces jobs for clients(machines in the network). Most of the jobs are 
scheduled between 02.00-05.00 but some are scheduled at other times. 
This can be defined by the users.

Cause we need to support many clients (30-5000) i am not sure the broker 
is able to handle so many client connections regarding the needed threads.

Searching the web, it seems possible to tune ActiveMQ to handle so many 
connections, but it seems to be quite difficult/tricky.

Consindering our requirenments, its not needed that the MOM holds a 
connection to every client at every time. For us it would be ok if the 
broker establishes a connection when the connection is needed, then 
sending the message and then close the connection.

Is there a facility to use ActiveMQ in this way?

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