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From roxanac <>
Subject Re: Pls help! Making two networks working together
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2010 14:42:24 GMT

One of the configuration I've tried looks like this:

Broker1, Broker2 (3....) are discovering each other through multicast and
have a static network connector to BrokerOUT. Also each has two
transportConnectors-one for the connections created trought multicast and
another for BrokerIN to connect to them. BrokerIN has a static
networkConnector for each of the brokers in the network. The schema is the
same for the second LAN. 
                          |                         ^                   |
                          |                         |                    |
                          v                         |                    |
brokerIN <-------BrokerOUT               |                
 (ntw2)                ^                        |                    |                   

                          |                         |                    |
                          |                         v                    |

The multicast connections have a networkTTL of 1.
The static connections from Broker1,2,... to BrokerOUt also have a TTL of 1.
The static connector from BrokerOUT to BrokerIN(ntw2) has a TTL of 2.
The static connectors from BrokerIN to Broker1,2... have a TTL of 3.

The behavior was almost never the same - sometimes I can see the topics in
the other network, but with missing messages, sometimes I send 10 msg and I
get 300 on the other side, sometimes some of the brokers receive messages
right, and the others don't get any

I recall that having only one central broker didn't work at all.
(I'll try to find the settings I've tried than)

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