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From akos <>
Subject Durable subscription discrepancies.
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 11:14:43 GMT

Hi All,

i'm trying to use durable subscriptions and i found so many
bugs/discrepancies in that area (AMQ 5.3). It is really frustrating.

- if i set keepDurableSubsActive=false (what i want) then i won't get the
messages after re(!)-activation. I've figured out that the
DurableTopicSubscription.deactivate() invokes
StoreDurableSubscriberCursor.remove() what is removes the TopicStorePrefetch
from the topic. Up to this point everyting is fine. But when the durable
subscription becomes active the StoreDurableSubscriberCursor.add won't be
called. So DurableTopicSubscription.activate() does not put the cursor back.

- if i keep the keepDurableSubsActive=true setting (i don't want to) then
the Topic.activate() re(!)-adds the subscription to the consumers list.
Every re-activation increases the list.

- there is another problem in the jmx broker also. The
ManagedRegionBroker.addInactiveSubscription adds the subscription to this
domain: "...Type=Subscription,active=false,name=...". I don't know what this
active=false part supposed to mean, but it puts the MBean to a strange path
in the jconsole. What is not a big problem, but it is not managed by the
rest of the code. Even if a subscription is inactivated the MBean in the
"Durable" section shows active. If the subscription is active the "false"
section contains an entry as it would be inactive.

Could you please tell me some hints, how can i fix (mostly) the first one? 

Thanks for helping!

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