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From jumbro <>
Subject AMQ persistence not working for me
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 20:02:53 GMT


I have been trying to get persistence working and have been humbled by the

Here is my setup:

* AMQ 5.3
* Monitoring via AMQ web console deployed in jetty
* Using Spring.NET 1.2 / Apache.NMS
* Tried each of the available AMQ persistence schemes (see attached
* Set both NmsTemplate.Persistent = true and
Apache.NMS.Message.NMSPersistent = true on the producer
* My preference is to use  journaledJDBCAdaptor against Sql Server 2008

Test performed:
* start AMQ
* start my message producer (creates dynamic topic by default)
* observe messages enqueued to topic via web console
* stop and start AMQ

Here are the issues I'm having (consider journaledJDBC case):

1) I first noticed that nothing appears to be getting written to my journal
2) When restarting AMQ, the output tells me (when starting the journal
persistence adapter): "Journal Recovered: 0 message(s) in transactions
recovered" activemq.xml 
3) When AMQ restarts, the topic and messages have been deleted

I did do some tests (days/weeks ago) where I saw some messages being logged
to Sql Server. But at no time did I have a successful test of recycling AMQ
and seeing the existing queue/topic with pending messages populated.

Live message production/consumption works great for me, both pub/sub and
request reply. I just can't get persistence working. Please help!

activemq.xml attached.

thanks in advance.

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