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From edan <>
Subject ActiveMQ's JNDI does not resolve XAConnectionFactory
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:45:36 GMT

I've tried googling for a reasonable amount of Internet time (more than 5-10
minutes), and I've found a few old posts that seem similar but no clear
answer.   In short, we are using ActiveMQ 5.3.0 to bridge to a third party
using webMethods.  Everything has been great using ActiveMQ's builtin JNDI
when we were look up "ConnectionFactory" and using dynamicQueue/QueueName
syntax for destination names.

But for a particular work flow, we need to use use XA transactions to
provide roll back.  I tried several enumerations of getting webMethods to
lookup "XAConnectionFactory" in ActiveMQ's JNDI.  I tried specifying
ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory to lookup via JNDI, I tried adding mappings for
ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory in "Other Properties" for the JNDI Provider
(which I believe is webMethods speak for

We have had some success defining an XAConnectionFactory in a Sun Directory
Server and then defining queues individually in LDAP (there doesn't seem to
be a way to do a cn=dynamicQueue... bleah), but life would be so much easier
if ActiveMQ's handy little JNDI resolved XAConnectionFactory!

I tried a quick hack of

    private static final String[] DEFAULT_CONNECTION_FACTORY_NAMES =
{"ConnectionFactory", "QueueConnectionFactory", "TopicConnectionFactory",
"XAConnectionFactory", "ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory"};

And it compiled, but didn't change anything as far as I can tell.  That made
me think I would have to actual work to fix it.

Any ideas out there?  Is there some reason the builtin JNDI can't resolve
XAConnectionFactory?  I'm bit green in this area anyway, so perhaps there is
some trickiness I don't understand.   Should I just dig into the initial
factory java code a bit more?

I appreciate any help; it's been enjoyable getting to know the software.

- edan

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