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From rodos77 <>
Subject prefetchExtension off-by-1 for transacted consumers with prefetchSize > 0
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 16:49:27 GMT


I've searched the forum and JIRA and have noticed that the prefetchExtension
in PrefetchSubscription has caused grief before.  However, I think there
still a problem.

First, I understand the purpose of the prefetchExtension for the case when
prefetchSize = 0.  It allows messages to be dispatched to the consumer when
the consumer requests them (i.e. polls them).  However, I don't really
understand the purpose of the prefetchExtension for the cases when
prefetchSize > 0.  If the consumer has set the prefetchSize to x, shouldn't
it always receive only x messages at a time?  Why is the prefetchSize being
extended?  I see that it is only extended in the case when the message
delivery is transacted but I still don't understand why this is necessary.

In any case, assuming the prefetchExtension is necessary in the case of
prefetchSize > 0 and transacted message delivery, I think the calculation of
the prefetchExtension in this case has a off-by-1 error.  I am attaching a
junit test that illustrates this problem.

The test is basically acting like a JCA Resource Adapter and sets up an
asynchronous message listener by creating a ConnectionConsumer with a
maxMessages value of 1.  This translates into a PrefetchSubscription with a
prefetchSize of 1.  The test then sends 3 messages.  The purpose of the 1st
message is to trigger the prefetch extension logic in PrefetchSubscription
upon the message's ack.  When this happens, the prefetchExtension is set to
1 and the prefetchSize essentially becomes 2.  I believe this is incorrect
and is the off-by-1 error (assuming the prefetchExtension is required at all
in this case).  The 2nd message is simulated to be a long running message so
that when the 3rd message is dispatched, the 2nd message is still being
processed.  When the 3rd message is dispatched, because the prefetchSize has
been extended, it will try to deliver it even though the processing of the
2nd message has not been completed and even though maxMessages on the
ConnectionConsumer was specified as 1.

Now, if I only have 1 ServerSession in the ServerSessionPool, this behavior
seems to violate the JMS Spec since the maxMessages parameter used during
ConnectionConsumer creation is defined as "the maximum number of messages
that can be assigned to a server session at one time" and ActiveMQ is trying
to assign 2 messages to the same ServerSession at the same time. 
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