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From CauselessEffect <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Can't Execute PHP Code
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 01:24:38 GMT

Regarding the PHP client, I have looked into this and unfortunately this does
not look to be an optimal solution.  I came to STOMP so that I could replace
interval polling with PHP because that quickly became a resource hog.  All
the PHP client examples I have seen require loops.  Since PHP is obviously
server-side, these loops are the only way to really maintain a "connection"
with the client viewing the page.  So this offers no real advantage to

Regarding Apache Camel, I am really at a loss how to begin implementing this
but it does appear to be a valid way to integrate various Apache packages. 
I would require a little more direction to get going with that.  Perhaps a
further explanation of my purpose is in line.

Having an existing PHP-drive site, I would like to replace all interval
polling with STOMP.  I will use this for chat and various other server-sent
events.  On certain instances, I will need STOMP to trigger PHP code.  This
leaves me with two choices--either ActiveMQ somehow becomes able to host my
STOMP page and also PHP, or my Apache server page uses an iFrame linked to
my ActiveMQ page and I implement some sort of cross-domain scripting.  The
latter of the choices has proven to be unideal since it is not supported by
all browsers and is really a potential security problem.

So again, my main question for this thread is can I have ActiveMQ support
PHP?  I need user authentication (which I have with PHP) and STOMP-driven
PHP events.
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