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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject Re: Problems with Message
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 08:18:20 GMT
Hi all,

I found the cause of getMessage() to return null. MimeMessage itself
is not Serializable :/ So I worked arount this problem by put the
whole MimeMessage into a byte[] array and now it work.
Anyway thats quite inefficent, so I'm currently investigating into
using a StreamMessage to store the MimeMessage. Does this sound good ?
I know BlobMessage would prolly be preferable in terms of performance,
but I don't want to depend on an "external" storage.


2010/2/24 Norman Maurer <>:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently try to write a Proof of Concept for using ActiveMQ for
> spooling (queue) in JAMES (
> One of my teammates investigated into this some time ago an had some
> exchange with James Strachan:
> Unfortunally we never did the move until now..
> We using Camel for doing the whole Matcher/Mailet processing and us it
> to read abd write from our current spool implementation.
> I use camel to just send the Mail object (which holds the MimeMessage
> and some other stuff) via
> producerTemplate.sendBody("activemq:myqueue?jmsMessageType=Object",mail).
> After that I see that the camel routes take in place and cosume the
> mail object and start the routing. This works without problems, except
> one "little" thing. If I try to access the MimeMessage (which is
> stored in the Mail object)  I always just get "null".
> So my question is, is there any "limitating" which would cut of the
> MimeMessage while storing the mail object into the queue ?
> I know storing the whole mail in a JMSMessage is not a good thing for
> performance, but I want to get it work before start to optimize it.
> Thx,
> Norman

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