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From "bob.deremer" <>
Subject HOW TO: confirm copyMessageOnSend is working???
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:49:12 GMT

Hi all ActiveMQ gurus,

I'm using AMQ 5.3 with the local vm:// transport and wish to make use of the
copyMessageOnSend = FALSE convention to send my messages by reference
[instead of by value].  Given the dynamic nature of our ObjectMessage-based
messages and varying size of the message content, we want to avoid any
unncessary serialization/deserialization whereever possible.  I am currently
setting this property on the producer's ConnectionFactory, so [according to
the AMQ docs] this should be properly configured.

Why does the createObjectMessage(...) throw an exception when I try and
create an ObjectMessage from my custom object that has sub-objects inside of
it that do NOT implement Serializable?  I can understand the top-level
object being passed to createObjectMessage requiring Serializable because
that is how the method is defined.  BUT, if copyMessageOnSend == FALSE is
being used, why is the whole object chain being checked for Serializable [if
it's not going to be serialized]?  My BIG concern is that some level of
serialization is being done when it shouldn't be.

Please help me understand what's going on under the hood.  I don't want to
force all objects going into ActiveMQ to implement Serializable if they
really aren't going to be serialized.  

Thanks in advance for clarification on this,

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