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From "bob.deremer" <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to have 1 MessageListener POJO handle multiple queues?
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 02:22:31 GMT

I was able to create a cache of MessageConsumers and my approach appears to
work ok, BUT....

I noticed there are alot of QueueThread threads created - 1 for each Queue
destination.  I understand this is the default behavior, but I may have
1000(s) of queues in a given usage.  After reading through some low-level
articles from FuseSource and ActiveMQ FAQ(s) I decided to try and configure
the broker-level DedicatedTaskRunner to false.

PROBLEM: I'm doing this programmatically on an embedded broker.  My test
scenario creates 20 Queues.  When I look at the threads in Eclipse via my
embedded Tomcat instance, I notice there are 20 QueueThread threads still??? 
How big is the default TaskRunner threadpool?  Or, do I need to also set the
optimizeDispatch property, too?  If so, can someone tell me how to
programmatically do this?

Thanks again,

bob.deremer wrote:
> While this is possible, it's not desirable because of the dynamic nature
> of my pub/sub.  I was planning to use the VirtualTopic [queue-backed]
> approach for the dynamic event subscribing side of things because of the
> performance it claims and the fact that each consumer/destination pair is
> run on it's own thread from ActiveMQ's threadpool.  
> So, for example, if I have P1 and P2 as the event publishers and C1 as the
> subscriber [to both publisher's events], I would have the following
> destinations:
> P1 = VirtualTopic.P1
> P2 = VirtualTopic.P2
> C1 = Consumer.C1.VirtualTopic.P1
> C1 = Consumer.C1.VirtualTopic.P2
> As you can see from the VirtualTopic approach - the number of destinations
> is really dynamic.  As C1 subscribes/unsubscribes to P# publishers - the
> consumer/destination(s) will change.  I want to avoid having to do thread
> management for all of this - since it appears that ActiveMQ should fit the
> bill.
> I'm working on the implementation now where I keep a
> ConcurrentHashMap<String, MessageConsumer> collection.  When a new
> subscription is added, I just create the consumer on the fly and wire it
> to my existing OnMessage handler.  I'll see how this works.  It
> VirtualTopics aren't designed for scenarios where there will be lots of
> subscribers and the list changes dynamically at runtime - please let me
> know. 
> Thanks,
> Bob
> Joe Fernandez wrote:
>> Can you have two instances of the same POJO? If so, create two separate
>> threads with their own sessions to the appropriate destination and give
>> each thread an instance of the POJO. 
>> What about spawning multiple threads, each having their own Session,
>> instance of the message listener POJO, and pointed to a particular
>> destination? 
>> Joe
>> bob.deremer wrote:
>>> Hi ActiveMQ experts,
>>> I have a scenario where I'd like to create a single MessageListener
>>> POJO, but it needs to be a listener on multiple queues.  The reason is
>>> that I'm trying to support the following 2 cases:
>>> 1) a pub/sub event model using Virtual Topics.  As a result, each
>>> subscriber (i.e. MessageListener) must be a separate Queue following the
>>> VirtualTopic naming convention.  This means that there could be 0 - many
>>> queues this single POJO may be receiving messages from - based on what
>>> events the POJO is subscribed.  In addition, these subscriber queues
>>> will be added/removed dynamically
>>> 2) a request/reply model with the same POJO.  This one is easy, as I'll
>>> create a single Queue/POJO to handle incoming request messages.
>>> So, is this possible?  And - even if it's possible, [IS IT A GOOD IDEA?] 
>>> While something may be possible, it might not be a design.  I cannot
>>> create a single POJO per destination and to support both
>>> request/response + event subscription - i will still need a minimum of 1
>>> Topic + 1 Queue = 2 destinations going to the same POJO.
>>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions and please let me know if you need
>>> any further details,
>>> Bob DeRemer

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