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From "bob.deremer" <>
Subject Is it possible to have 1 MessageListener POJO handle multiple queues?
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 13:36:15 GMT

Hi ActiveMQ experts,

I have a scenario where I'd like to create a single MessageListener POJO,
but it needs to be a listener on multiple queues.  The reason is that I'm
trying to support the following 2 cases:

1) a pub/sub event model using Virtual Topics.  As a result, each subscriber
(i.e. MessageListener) must be a separate Queue following the VirtualTopic
naming convention.  This means that there could be 0 - many queues this
single POJO may be receiving messages from - based on what events the POJO
is subscribed.  In addition, these subscriber queues will be added/removed
2) a request/reply model with the same POJO.  This one is easy, as I'll
create a single Queue/POJO to handle incoming request messages.

So, is this possible?  And - even if it's possible, [IS IT A GOOD IDEA?] 
While something may be possible, it might not be a design.  I cannot create
a single POJO per destination and to support both request/response + event
subscription - i will still need a minimum of 1 Topic + 1 Queue = 2
destinations going to the same POJO.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and please let me know if you need any
further details,
Bob DeRemer
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