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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ v1.2.0 Released
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 15:24:39 GMT
***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

The Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ 1.2.0 Release bundle is now available at the
following location:


This release is based on the Apache.NMS API v1.2.0 and runs on .NET
frameworks 2.0+ and Mono 2.0+, this version no longer supports the .NET
Compact Framework.

Changes in this version include

* Support for ConnectionMeteData in the Connection API.
* Supports the new Individual Acknowledge Mode.
* New IStreamMessage support
* New IRedeliveryPolicy interface and PrefecthPolicy support.
* Expanded IByteMessage interface to read/write primitive types.
* Message's adhere to the JMS Read only and Write only rules.
* Many new Unit Tests added to the Test Suite.
* Support for Message Body Compression.
* Connection Inactivity Monitor.
* Optional Asynchronous Reconnects in the Failover Transport.
* Optional Timeouts for Dispose and Close of Sessions.
* Many more bugfixes and improvements as well.

There are release binaries and debug binaries (with PDBs) provided.  The
binary ZIP files include pre-built assemblies for all of the platforms
that are supported:  Currently this library provides support for:

Mono 2.0
.NET 3.5, 2.0


Tim Bish

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