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From Aleksandar Ivanisevic <>
Subject AMQ reports STOMP client still connected althought it isn't
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 09:39:22 GMT

I'm still having a problem described here

and here:

It doesn't happen very often and it is always a result of some very
rare event, like a severe OOM situation or a machine crash, but when
it happens i have not only to restart AMQ, but also delete the
complete AMQ data directory which obviously affects other pending

Is there a way to force the subscriber out without touching pending
messages for other durable subscribers? I've tried deleting every file
in data/kr-store which contains my client's client-id but then AMQ
won't even start, obviusly I've deleted too much. Where is it written?
What format are the files in data/kr-store directory?

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