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From "Hightower, Rick" <>
Subject RE: C support for ActiveMQ... care to share a make file?
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 23:28:19 GMT
Wow... At first, I went to the link before reading your whole email.
Then I cursed you silently as I tried to figure out what blacktie is.
Then I was about to write you a snarky email. Then I saw the magic beans
that lead to the clues. 

Thanks man.

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From: Pothier, Peter [mailto:ppothier@CROSSBEAMSYS.COM] 
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:16 PM
Subject: RE: C support for ActiveMQ... care to share a make file?

Check out step 5

on building libstomp.

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From: Hightower, Rick [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 6:11 PM
Subject: C support for ActiveMQ... care to share a make file?

I need to do some messaging between C, Python and Java. I have used
ActiveMQ in the past, and feel comfortable with it.


This is an R&D, proof of concept type project for the next version of
our product. We have a variety of ways to do messaging between Java,
Python and C processes. We would like to standardize on one way as we
need to increase the amount of communication. I am trying to get some
proof of concepts done to test out ActiveMQ (my first choice), versus
Apache QPID (second choice) or something else.

I downloaded the example for the and got the Python example
working no problem.

Now... I am trying to get the Stomp C bits working. There is no make
file! DOH! Ok ok... I don't mind creating one (I just need to figure out
which libs this needs). I am building and using on Linux (Debian to be
specific.) (Stomp is a text based protocol for messaging that ActiveMQ
and JBoss MQ support.)

Since the Stomp C lib is not there, I figured I would just try out
Apache QPID. But wait... Apache QPID does not have C client lib. They
only have a C++ client. Hmmm scratch that. So I figured why not give
RabbitMQ a try. Their C lib is "experimental". Hmmm... This does not
seem much better than Stomp C's support. (Apache QPID implements AMQP.) 

Ok this made me focus back to ActiveMQ and take a look at their C
support for OpenWire. No make file. There is a X Code project file.
Since I need to run this on Debian... this does not help me much. Again
I would need to create my own make file (and figure out which libs this
lib needs). Also the C lib is in the Sandbox. (OpenWire is ActiveMQ's
native wire format which is also a standard, except of course that they
are the only one's that implement it). 

I've come to the conclusion that the C support for MOM is not really
there. Since C is very popular, I wonder why this is not a more well
worn path. It does not matter if you are using OpenWire, AMQP, Stomp,
whatever... this path is all full of tall grass... seems really easy to
get bogged down in the weeds.


Does anyone have any experience using C OpenWire or C Stomp client libs
with ActiveMQ? If so, do you care to share your make files? I am going
to go to lunch and then if I don't get pulled of this R&D effort to work
on some pressing current release effort... I am going to create a make
file for Stomp C support. 




Rick Hightower

Chief Architect

Corventis Corp








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