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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: why is activeMQ stalled?
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:09:18 GMT
Le 15/01/10 10:24, Dejan Bosanac a écrit :
> Hi David,
> you're probably blocked by "producer flow control". Take a look here
> for more info:
> Cheers

I already took a look at it, read it three time to be sure i understand.
It's quite technical but beyond that, i don't think this apply for me.
My queues are all empty!!! (they stalled when there were 50 messages
pending but where finally emptied), connections are not shared by
several queues and am not sure how to implement the cursor part of
documentation. There is no "slow consumer" that could influence it at
that right moment (customers are running an waiting for new messages as
you can see in capture). Moreover my messages are of about 1k payload
(about 10 small text entries in a MapMessage), and my activeMQ config is
like this
                    <policyEntry queue=">" memoryLimit="500mb"/>
                    <policyEntry topic=">" memoryLimit="500mb">
                    <memoryUsage limit="20 mb"/>
                    <storeUsage limit="1 gb" name="foo"/>
                    <tempUsage limit="100 mb"/>

There is no way a bunch of 10 pending messages could fill a 1gb store,
isn't it? What config part of activemq do i need to change to ensure
that it can store at least about 10000 persistent messages (that makes
only 10Mb of datas!!) before failing? Currently it fails and  is never
recovering without a restart of broker when there are only 50 small
pending messages in the queue. As a workaround i have set
"sendFailIfNoSpace" to true, so my client will fail instead of stalling,
i'll see when this happen more quickly like that....

Here is broker part of my config file, can someone help me fix this?
Thank you:

    <broker xmlns=""
brokerName="localhost" dataDirectory="${activemq.base}/data"
                <authenticationUser username="admin" password="******"
                <authenticationUser username="sharkTool" password="********"
                <authenticationUser username="adminConsole"
              <authorizationEntry queue=">" read="admins" write="admins"
admin="admins" />
              <authorizationEntry queue="WF.>" read="users,serverTools"
write="serverTools" admin="admins,serverTools" />

              <authorizationEntry topic=">" read="admins" write="admins"
admin="admins" />
              <authorizationEntry topic="WF.>" read="users,serverTools"
write="serverTools" admin="admins,serverTools" />
              <authorizationEntry topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.>"
read="guests,users,serverTools" write="guests,users,serverTools"
            <!-- let's assign roles to temporary destinations. comment
this entry if we don't want any roles assigned to temp destinations
read="tempDestinationAdmins" write="tempDestinationAdmins"
           </tempDestinationAuthorizationEntry>          -->     

        <!-- Destination specific policies using destination names or
wildcards -->
                    <policyEntry queue=">" memoryLimit="500mb"/>
                    <policyEntry topic=">" memoryLimit="500mb">
                      <!-- you can add other policies too such as these

        <!-- Use the following to configure how ActiveMQ is exposed in
JMX -->
            <managementContext createConnector="false"/>

        <!-- The store and forward broker networks ActiveMQ will listen
to -->
            <!-- by default just auto discover the other brokers -->
            <!-- <networkConnector name="default-nc"
            <!-- Example of a static configuration:
            <networkConnector name="host1 and host2"

            <amqPersistenceAdapter syncOnWrite="false"
directory="${activemq.base}/data" maxFileLength="20 mb"/>


            <sslContext keyStore="file:${activemq.base}/conf/broker.ks"

        <!--  The maximum about of space the broker will use before
slowing down producers -->
                    <memoryUsage limit="20 mb"/>
                    <storeUsage limit="1 gb" name="foo"/>
                    <tempUsage limit="100 mb"/>

        <!-- The transport connectors ActiveMQ will listen to -->
            <transportConnector name="openwire"
            <!-- <transportConnector name="ssl"
            <transportConnector name="stomp" uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>
            <transportConnector name="xmpp"
uri="xmpp://localhost:61222"/> -->
            <queue physicalName="WF.Regraph" />
              <queue physicalName="WF.Notify"/>
              <topic physicalName="WF.Events"/>
          <compositeQueue name="WF.IncomingEvents">
              <queue physicalName="WF.Regraph"/>
              <queue physicalName="WF.Notify"/>
              <topic physicalName="WF.Events" />


> --
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:24 AM, David Delbecq <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     can someone explain me why my activeMQ client is stalled in such
>     situation (i have 10 threads blocked like this having as
>     consequence a complete blocking of my client application):
>     "http-8081-Processor6" daemon prio=10 tid=00841c38 nid=512
>     lwp_id=2426611 waiting on condition [236f3000..236f153c]
>        java.lang.Thread.State: WAITING (parking)
>             at sun.misc.Unsafe.park(Native Method)
>             - parking to wait for  <40ae1828> (a
>     java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionObject)
>             at
>     java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport.park(
>             at
>     java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionObject.await(
>             at
>     java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue.take(
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.transport.FutureResponse.getResult(
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.transport.ResponseCorrelator.request(
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection.syncSendPacket(
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQSession.send(
>             - locked <40ae01e8> (a java.lang.Object)
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQMessageProducer.send(
>             at
>     org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQMessageProducerSupport.send(
>             at
>     be.rmi.shark.JMSEventManager.sendEvent(
>     considering that the activeMQ lists size, as referenced by
>     activeMQ admin interface are as follow:
>     Name   	Number Of Pending Messages   	Number Of Consumers  
>     Messages Sent   	Messages Received   	Views   	Operations  
>     WF.Regraph 	0 	1 	1714 	1720 	Browse 	Send To Purge Delete
>     WF.Notify 	0 	1 	1696 	1742 	Browse 	Send To Purge Delete
>     WF.IncomingEvents 	0 	0 	0 	0 	Browse 	Send To Purge Delete
>     Is this to be considered normal that i must restart activeMQ
>     producers on a regular basis because of those this stalling? Where
>     can i find clear documentation on proper configuration of activeMQ
>     to prevent this stalling? Thank you.
>     -- 
>     David Delbecq
>     ICT
>     Institut Royal Météorologique
>     Ext:557

David Delbecq
Institut Royal Météorologique

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