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From DaveCC <>
Subject Controlling VM transport queu size by count?
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 00:11:24 GMT

I'm new to ActiveMQ and I'm trying to tune a very simple queue setup which
I'm relocating from disk to memory-only (VM transport, embedded broker,
launched from Spring). 

Versions below, but I game for changing them as needed:

ActiveMQ core 5.1.0
Spring core 2.5.6

I have about 12 queues, each has a single consumer and a handful of
transient producers (max of 6). Everything is in one 64-bit JVM. Some of the
messages are quite large (several MB) so I want to have a tight reign on
those queues, allowing only perhaps 8-9 messages in memory in total at any
one time.

1. I've been all over the ActiveMQ site and the draft of the forthcoming
book by Synder, Davies and Bosnac, but I can't find a comprehensive config
reference for ActiveMQ anywhere, and it seems that a number of the config
settings are not documented. Am I missing something? Should I buy the TTM

2. Is there a way to control the size of in-memory queues based on the
number of messages, rather than the size in megabytes?

Since my messages are never serialized, AMQ has no way to know how big they
are. I found one (and only one) reference to a parameter called
minimumMessageSize which - name notwithstanding - seems to be used as a
proxy for the size of an unserialized message when doing storage management
calculations (link below).

I looked at constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy but it seems to me that this
throws messages away, rather than blocking the producer, which is what I
want to do when the queue is full.

Is the canonical thing to do here to set minimumMessageSize to (e.g.) 1MB
and then use MB memory limits as a proxy for message count in the
<amq:memoryUsage> tags?

3. It seems to me that if I control memory size using the queue, then I
should set the pre-fetch size to 0 or 1 to prevent prefetch from holding
additional messages - is this correct, or do prefetched messages also remain
in the queue?

4. Is there a way to completely control memory usage with only the prefetch

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