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From honeybun <>
Subject Connection factory only Resource Adapter on weblogic
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 17:23:26 GMT

I am trying to deploy the resource adapter so my web application can do a
JNDI lookup to get a pre-configured AMQ (client) connection factory.  I
don't want to run an embedded broker in the resource adapter, just have the
RA provide the connection factory to my web app.

I have deployed the activemq-ra-5.3.rar to weblogic (10.1).
 - Initially on the RA deployment's testing page, there were 3 objects which
could be tested via the weblogic GUI; all failed, but at least they showed
 - After updating the RA properties (ServerURL ->
tcp://my-remote-amq:61616), and restarting weblogic, there were no testable
objects, and I got several validation warnings on the weblogic console (see

Question: how can I expose the connection factory through JNDI to a web
Question: how can I tell if the resource adapter is able to connect to the
remote AMQ instance?

---------[ console warnings ]--------------------------------
<Warning> <Connector> <BEA-190155> 
<Compliance checking/validation of the resource adapter 
 C:\activemq\lib\optional\activemq-rar-5.3.0.rar resulted in the following

[1] The ra.xml <resourceadapter-class> class 
    should implement but does not.
[2] This is an inbound resource adapter which defines 
    one or more inbound message listeners and a resource 
    adapter bean in its ra.xml. However, since the weblogic-ra.xml 
    does not specify a JNDI name for the resource adapter bean, it 
    will not be possible for message endpoints (MDBs)
    to be connected to this resource adapter.>

<Warning> <WorkManager> <BEA-002919> 
<Unable to find a WorkManager with name activemq-rar-5.3.0.rar. 
 Dispatch policy activemq-rar-5.3.0.rar will map to the default 
 WorkManager for the application activemq-rar-5>

<Warning> <Connector> <BEA-190149> 
<No JNDI Name has been specified for the resource adapter in 
 module activemq-rar-5.3.0.rar of application activemq-rar-5. 
 Since this is an inbound resource adapter, <jndi-name> must 
 also be specified in weblogic-ra.xml for endpoint activation 
 by a message endpoint MDB to work.>

---------[ console warnings ]--------------------------------

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