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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Processing multiple messages in the queue at once
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 22:01:08 GMT

By default, ActiveMQ sends or streams messages to a consumer's local buffer
in batches. The batching of the messages can be controlled via the prefetch
limit. So AMQ pushes messages to the consumer as opposed to having the
consumer pull each message on demand.

So very fast consumers would typically have high prefetch limits and slow
consumers low limits. 

If you set the prefetch limit to 0, the consumer will then have to pull each
individual message from the broker. 

AFAIK, ActiveMQ does not include a timer that, when it expires, purges a
queue. What about assigning an expiration time to the message?  



jongraf wrote:
> Hello fellow developers,
> I find myself in the midst of the age-old dilemma of needing to provide
> scalable code where our load tests currently indicate that the code is
> otherwise.  I am coding a message-driven POJO.  Originally I implemented
> the queue using the Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer and discovered
> that this is invoked upon every message received (hence, "listener"). 
> Because our load tests are bombarding our server, the performance
> benchmarks were not great. 
> I figured that if I write my own timer instead of a listener, performance
> would improve.  I coded a Quartz-triggered method that calls iterates over
> jmsTemplate.recieve() for a given batch size.  The messages are sent in
> one batch to a remote REST service.
> This has not improved performance.  After doing some research, I found
> that a caveat of the jmsTemplate is that you do not really want to be
> calling jmsTemplate.receive() because it opens a new connection & session
> each time.  This is bad.
> Here is where I need your help:
> 1) Is there not a way to use the Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer to
> rid the queue of many messages at once?  My confusion lies in the
> implementation of the onMessage() method where I believe only one message
> is available at a time. 
> 2) Is there a way I can set a timer so that queue is only purged when I
> want it to be?  Perhaps this goes against the MDP pattern but I would
> really love some education here.
> The forums seem to point to JMS Transactions as a solution for batching
> objects from a JMS queue.   I am also unfamiliar with how to tie this into
> the DefaultMessageListenerContainer.
> Any help or direction you could provide would be most appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Jonathan
> Developer from NYC

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