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From softsky <>
Subject ActiveMQ becomes slow for consumer
Date Sun, 03 Jan 2010 18:11:51 GMT

Hello guys.

My situation is:
Using AMQ 5.2.0. Have 1 consumer and 10 producers. Producers sends thousands
of messages (in total) to some queue from different boxes. Consumer consumes
them with some speed. Producers produce more messages per some time, then
consumer can handle. If I run same consumer and up to 3 producers -
everything works fine for weeks. Queue is always empty as consumer picks
messages up as fast as 3 producers produce them. However, if I run more
producers - AMQ becomes slave. The more messages sits in the queue - the
slower AMQ is. I've tried different combinations of persistence adapter

In my case it's:

But this seems does not help much. I'm almost assured there's no side-effect
on OS-level (e.g. many files opened, too high swap usage  - nothing). CPU on
the box where consumer (and AMQ server) sits is almost IDLE. Looks like AMQ
just sends too few messages to consumer for some reason (get slower and
slower sending messages). One more detail - AMQ is running as embedded
inside another container (so both AMQ and consumer code works inside same
JVM. Consumer use Apache Camel to process messages).

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