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From KameshBathina <>
Subject Re: Durable subscriptions
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2009 07:02:39 GMT

But in 4.1, if we have durable subscribers, we need not send persistent
messages for subscriber to get them after it is back. I mean, if durable
subscriber is down for some time, and mean while if publisher send some
messages, and when the the durable subscriber is back, it will receive all
messages which were sent when it is down. For this to happen, in 4.1, the
sender can send non-persistent messages also.

But while using 5.3, I observed that for durable subscriber to get all
messages that were sent when it is down, the publisher should send them in
persistent mode. How to rectify this issue, and achieve same behavior as 4.1
with respect to durable subscriptions?

Yari Marchetti-2 wrote:
> found :)
> the problem was that every sent message wasn't persistent, now
> it's working. i didn't know i had to enable persistance for every
> message to be able to be retrieved by a durable subscription.
> I think that i missed the documentation on that!
> thanks again,
> yari
> James Strachan ha scritto:
>> 2008/9/29 Yari Marchetti <>:
>>> oki, this makes sense indeed, and now i understand why
>>> i keep on getting always the same message every time.
>>> But now my problem is on durable subscription because
>>> if i can't get messages that were delivered while i was
>>> disconnected. For example:
>>> 1) 'A' makes a durable subscription to 'test' topic and
>>>    disconnects.
>>> 2) 'B' send a message to 'test' topic
>>> 3) 'A' connects back as a durable subscriber for topic
>>>    'test'
>>> i would expect 'A' to receive the message 'B' sent, since
>>> it's a durable subscriber, but i don't get anything. am
>>> i missing something?
>> What you are doing should work if you use the exact same clientID and
>> durable subscriber name - and the message was sent persistent - and
>> you are using a broker with persistence enabled.
>> If all of these are true and its not working then something is odd
>> with your setup I think; what version? what code are you using to send
>> & consume etc?

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