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From ripienaar <>
Subject Re: statisticsBrokerPlugin with Stomp
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:13:28 GMT

Dejan Bosanac wrote:
> Hi,
> As the return message is map message, you need to set "transformation"
> header when you subscribe to the topic. Take a look at
> for
> more info.
> I'll try to put an example of using this plugin from stomp soon.

nice that did the trick!

revised code and output:

conn ="user", "pass", "localhost", 6163, true)
conn.subscribe("/queue/statresults", { "transformation" => "jms-map-json"})
conn.send("/queue/ActiveMQ.Statistics.Broker", "", {"reply-to" =>
pp JSON.load(conn.receive.body)

      {"long"=>9049, "string"=>"storeUsage"},
      {"int"=>0, "string"=>"tempPercentUsage"},
      {"string"=>["ssl", ""]},
      {"string"=>["openwire", "tcp://localhost.localdomain:6166"]},
        ["brokerId", ""]},
      {"long"=>1, "string"=>"consumerCount"},
      {"string"=>["brokerName", "dev1"]},
      {"long"=>0, "string"=>"expiredCount"},
      {"long"=>6, "string"=>"dispatchCount"},
      {"double"=>4, "string"=>"maxEnqueueTime"},
      {"int"=>0, "string"=>"storePercentUsage"},
      {"long"=>6, "string"=>"dequeueCount"},
      {"long"=>0, "string"=>"inflightCount"},
      {"long"=>0, "string"=>"messagesCached"},
      {"long"=>104857600, "string"=>"tempLimit"},
      {"double"=>1.5, "string"=>"averageEnqueueTime"},
      {"string"=>["stomp+ssl", ""]},
      {"int"=>0, "string"=>"memoryPercentUsage"},
      {"long"=>11, "string"=>"size"},
      {"long"=>0, "string"=>"tempUsage"},
      {"long"=>0, "string"=>"producerCount"},
      {"double"=>1, "string"=>"minEnqueueTime"},
      {"string"=>["dataDirectory", "/var/log/activemq/activemq-data"]},
      {"long"=>17, "string"=>"enqueueCount"},
      {"string"=>["stomp", "stomp://localhost.localdomain:6163"]},
      {"long"=>1073741824, "string"=>"storeLimit"},
      {"long"=>20971520, "string"=>"memoryLimit"}]}]}

very nice, thanks for your help and on twitter by @rajdavies too.

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