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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: statisticsBrokerPlugin with Stomp
Date Sun, 20 Dec 2009 16:34:02 GMT

You may find this free AMQ monitoring framework interesting or applicable to
your env.

It allows you to develop and embed Camel-based monitoring agents within the
Broker. The agents use a monitoring expression language to monitor all
aspects of the broker's run time object hierarchy and can be dynamically
reconfigured (i.e., you don't have to stop and start the broker).  When a
monitored condition statement (predicate) becomes true, the agent can invoke
actions that can take advantage of Camel components. For example, send
email, write to a JMS destination, write to a db, etc. The framework also
provides Camel components for SNMP and JMX traps and notifications. 


ripienaar wrote:
> hello,
> I'm keen to access the statisticsBrokerPlugin from stomp, I think the
> languages stomp supports is more appropriate for monitoring than java
> based ones - lots of start/stop of monitoring scripts etc - so quite keen
> to get this going.
> I understand I need to send an empty message to ActiveMQ.Statistics.Broker
> with a reply header set, trying this from ruby:
> conn ="user", "pass", "localhost", 6163, true)
> conn.subscribe("/queue/statresults")
> conn.send("/queue/ActiveMQ.Statistics.Broker", "", {"reply-to" =>
> "/queue/statresults"})
> pp conn.receive
> All I get out of it is this:
> #<Stomp::Message:0x2b0028b21918
>  @body="",
>  @command="MESSAGE",
>  @headers=
>   {"timestamp"=>"0",
>    "message-id"=>"",
>    "expires"=>"0",
>    "destination"=>"/queue/statresults",
>    "priority"=>"0",
>    "type"=>"Advisory"}>
> I've tried a few permutations of above, using topics and not queues and so
> forth but all I get is the advisories, not sure if the MapMessage type is
> behaving differently than normal stomp replies, 
> any help appreciated.

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