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From Thierry H <>
Subject Re: Memory limit reached on persistent queue
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 13:37:41 GMT

I had the same problem , and it seems that you have 2 issues on the 5.3 on
the subject.
I think your problem come from extensive memory usage related to these
I've workarounded the problem by changing the DestinationPolicy of the queue 
deactivate MessageExpiration scheduled scan : expireMessagesPeriod="0"
reduce the prefetch and maxPageSize policies which were to high for me (As
my messages are big)
maxPageSize="50" queuePrefetch="300"

I hope that help 

I'am using ActiveMQ 5.3 with kahaPersistenceAdapter my test case is:
- slow consumer(s) 
- fast producer
- persistent queue
- producerFlowControl="true"
- Win XP (Sles10)

after couple thousand of massages stored massages i can find following
massge on console:

INFO | Usage Manager memory limit reached on queue://slowConsumerDest.
Producers will be throttled to the rate at which messages are removed from
this destination to prevent flooding it. See for more info

-in jconsole i see that CursorPercentUsage reached value 100.
from this point no more messages are persisted to disc and producer si
sending only as fast as consumer(s) are receiving. 

My question is why no more messages are stored when i'm using persistent

I've try same configuration on ActiveMQ 5.3 snapshot (rev. number 747951) -
CursorPercentUsage reached 70 and incomming messages were stored as i've
This mechanism works with Amq 5.3 in case amqPersistenceAdapter is used, for
kahaPersistenceAdapter when topic with durable subscriber used instead of
queue and for queue in case it has no consumers.
Using of kahadb is not an option in my case while handling of persistent
massages is several times slower.



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