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From MR2009 <>
Subject MessageGroups and Single GroupId Consumer
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 22:57:36 GMT

My environment:
a) ActiveMQ 5.3
b) Centos 5.4
c) JDK 1.6 Producer
d) C++ Consumer

I am considering using ActiveMQ to solve my enterprise message routing
problem.  In my setup there are say X producers and Y consumers ( X < Y ). 
Each consumer start out stateless, in that it can consume any message.  Once
it consumes a first message, it acquires a state, and henceforth can only
consume messages that are consistent with that state.  When the consumer
ends or the producer 'signals' a end of all messages for the 'state' the
consumer again becomes stateless.  

MessageGroups seems like the obvious initial choice for this problem.  The
concern I have is that using message groups, a Consumer can potentially be
sent messages for multiple states ( based on hash of the JMSXGroupId value
).  So essentially, a consumer could be handling messages for multiple
JMSXGroupIds at the same time.  In my architecture this is not possible to
implement in the consumer (ie. dynamically support multiple states).  

Therefore what I am looking for is a way to define a consumer that is
ensured that it will only process messages for ONE JMSXGroupId at a time. 
Perhaps other approaches are better than MessageGroups.  Your help and
suggestions are much appreciated.



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