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From forda <>
Subject Re: Error while connecting via JMX to a Broker located on RHEL 5
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 10:19:51 GMT

Hi !

Hi we found out a solution specifying the host in the wrappper.conf


forda wrote:
> Hi !
> From a UnitTest accessing a Broker via Spring and a BrokerviewBean in
> order to manage
> the setup and cleanup functions. For that BrokerviewBean is used. It works
> fine at localhost
> as well as connecting a remote Broker in a windows network, but while
> trying to the same thing
> in Linux network a connection refused is issued. 
> On the Linux box(RedHat), the Broker is started through the Java Service
> Wrapper, and the jmx rows are enabled at a specific port, and the property
> useJmx=true is default because the ActiveMQ 5.2 version is used. The
> wrapper.conf will be attached to this message. 
> It is important to make this work because i design
> a solution for a reminderagent sending SMS to unemployed remind them of
> meetings with Job coaches. Using the DestinationViewBean to ask for the
> Queuesize on a specific Queue in this case a send SMS queue which be used
> by a consumer/Messagelistener, if the this Queue is empty another listener
> starts to consume messages in another queue used for resending SMS message
> a number of times or until delivered. So i need to get this work on Linux
> too, it works perfectly fine on wnidows. I think this a smoth solution. I
> do know that the QueBrowser class also can be used but this is not the
> best solution i think.
> And for failover reason i assume that the jmx.uris can be used like this
> setting a property on the client like this jmx.url=uri1,uri2...uriN or ?
> Do i need to use the failover protocol like for the connecting to the
> broker. And is there a way to configure the DestinationViewBean so that it
> uses the actual master Broker.
> Or how do i do this ?
> Any better solutions ? Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Daniel
> wrapper.conf 

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