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From John Burwell <>
Subject Indefinite Message Retention on Virtual Topic
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 20:09:57 GMT
We are currently experiencing indefinite message retention on a virtual
topic with durable subscribers spanning multiple nodes in a broker network.
We have two applications -- AppA and AppB each with one durable subscriber
(implemented as message driven EJBs with clientIDs and subscription names
defined) and each application is connected to its own broker cluster --
Broker1 and Broker2.  Broker1 and Broker2 are connected via a broker network
and have fixed, reliable names.  When a message is sent to the virtual
topic, we are expecting to see the following acknowledgements occur:

   1. MDB in AppA acknowledge in Broker1
   2. Broker1 acknowledge the Broker1<>Broker2 network
   3. MDB in Appb acknowledge in Broker2
   4. Broker2 acknowledge the Broker2<>Broker1 network

All acknowledgements occur except that last one.  To further complicate the
scenario, Broker1 is running 5.2.0 in a standalone master/slave cluster
using JDBC persistance to an Oracle 10g R2 RAC.  Broker2 is running ActiveMQ
5.1.0 embedded in JBoss 4.0.5 using JDBC persistance to PostgreSQL 8.3.4 (we
will migrating Broker2 in the near future, but production stability
requirements demand that it stay in its current deployment model and

I have also attached santized versions of our broker configuration files.
Are one or both of the brokers improperly configured?  Is the virtual topic
properly defined?

Thank you in advance for your assistance,
-John Burwell

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