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From tranchida <>
Subject QueueBrowser cause message duplicate in networks of broker with JDBC Adapter
Date Sun, 29 Nov 2009 06:25:22 GMT

I find a strange bug using QueueBrowser in an application and same issue
using HermesJMS.

It seems that this bug occur only when broker are configured with jdbc
adapter (no journal)
2 brokers in a network broker configured with static uri

Starting with clean oracle DB ACTIVEMQ_MSGS for broker 1 and broker 2

1) I send 10 messages in queue A on broker 1
2) checking the broker 1 DB, I find 10 rows and 0 rows on broker 2 DB -> OK
3) I try to browse a first time the queue A on broker2 that return an empty
list -> OK
4) I try to browse 5 times the queue A on broker2 that finally return my 10
messages -> KO ??
5) cheking the broker 1 DB, still 10 rows and 41 rows on broker 2 DB -> KO
6) I consume messages from broker 2 that return 10 messages
7) checking the broker 1 DB return 0 rows and still 41 rows on DB broker 2
-> KO
8) I restart the broker 2
9) I try to consume messages from broker 2 and I receive again my 10
messages -> critical !!!!
10 ) I restart again the broker 2 and I can consume again 10 messages,
etc... until broker2 DB is empty.

I try to add dynamicOnly="true" and/or conduitSubscriptions="false" but I
have always the same problem.

I try the same operation using the new KahaDB store and everthing run ok.

But, I still not understand why browsing a queue create message forward from
broker 1 to broker 2, this is expected ?

I open a jira AMQ-2518 for this
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