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From moreno9000 <>
Subject Re: How to "activate" an interceptor
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:48:57 GMT

when a procuder calls send() method, I'd like to intercept
the request, verify number of messages in destination queue,
throw an exception if number of msg, after this last send(),
exceed a predefined limit. 

In AMQ 5.3 I can define a memoryLimit for a queue but
there are two "problems".

1) memoryLimit is expressed in Kb/Mb and not in number of messages.

2) I specified a memoryLimit for a queue (1 Mb)
    I ran 10 tests where a producer send thousand of messages to the queue.
    I verified that number of messages sent to the queue, before a
memoryLimit exception
    is thrown by AMQ, differ a lot from one test to another (test1=15885
    test2=29362, test3=32413 then 15861, 24260, 12276, 11692, 24306,
    24762, 20269).
    I expected a deterministic result.

For this reason I tried to follow the "interceptor way".

Thank you,

bsnyder wrote:
> So you're trying to control the number of messages in a queue at any
> given time. Are you trying to prevent any new messages from being sent
> to the queue or what? Please explain the use case in more detail.
> I'm not sure yet if this applies, but you could instead configure an
> eviction policy to limit the number of messages held in a destination
> based on some criteria:
> Bruce
> -- 

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