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From stirlingc <>
Subject Problem with Virtual Topics and noLocal=true consumers
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 21:54:27 GMT


Suppose we have store-and-forward network of two brokers (A and B) that
share a topic (T1).  Each broker has a single consumer for T1 (ConsumerA and
ConsumerB).  A and B communicate by producing and consuming messages from
T1.  Since ConsumerA does not want to consume the messages that it produces,
and vice-versa with ConsumerB, each consumer is created with noLocal=true.

This works great, except that each broker can only have one such consumer
(i.e., there is no load balancing) as described here:

To allow multiple consumers, we "virtualized" T1 so that each broker has its
own private queue analog (Consumers.A.T1 and Consumers.B.T1).  In order to
load balance the traffic arriving through the topic, A has multiple
consumers for Consumers.A.T1 and B hsa multiple consumers for

This works great if the consumers have noLocal=false, but if the consumers
have noLocal=true (as per our original desire to avoid processing reflected
messages), we run into the following problem:

A producer on A sends a message M to T1.  AMQ replicates M so that it
appears in broker A's Consumers.A.T1 queue and in broker B's Consumers.B.T1
queue.  Since the consumers for Consumers.A.T1 have noLocal=true, M is never
dispatched to a consumer on A.  This happens indefinitely until
Consumers.A.T1 is filled up (i.e., through jconsole we see the memory usage
on the queue as 100%).

1) Is this behaviour intended?  I'm guessing that it is intended more as a
consequence of the semantics of virtual topics.
2) Is there any way to configure AMQ so that locally-produced messages to a
virtual topic are not copied to the local consumer queues? I'm guessing the
answer is no.
3) Are there any other workarounds besides using noLocal=false or setting an
expiry on the published messages?

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