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From kalki70 <>
Subject Activemq-cpp and Message Groups malfunction
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 15:02:02 GMT


We are having a problem when using Activemq-cpp (version 2.2.6). This
problem happens with Stomp and Openwire.
We create thousands of message groups dynamically : Create a message group,
send several messages, close message group. The producer is a C++
application, the consumer is two instances of JBoss in two different
machines. This "in general" works, but from time to time, in a randomly way,
the message group that is assigned to one instance of JBoss is switched to
the other instance, as if the previous one had failed.
Example :
* We send a message with some JMSXGroupId, it is sent to JBoss1
* We send several more messages, they are received by JBoss1, as expected.
* We keep sending messages, but now they are received by JBoss2!!??

JBoss1 is all the time up and running. The garbage collector didn't work
during the test. This problem happens even with very low load, in a randomly
way. Just sometimes. When we put a very high load, so the response time from
JBoss increases, we start seeing many more of this "unexpected switching".
We checked the messages sent, to check the JMSXGroupId and JMSXGroupSeq (we
even used a network sniffer to check them) and their values are right. 

It looks as if ActiveMQ considers JBoss1 dead, so it switches the message
groups to JBoss2. What is the criteria used by ActiveMQ to consider a
consumer "dead" ? Is there some configuration parameter to increase any
timeout waiting for acknowledge messages from consumers?

The strangest part is that if we use a Java application as the producer, it
works perfect. There are never "unexpected switching". We compared the
message properties sent in Java and C++ and they are the same. 

We are so far completely lost at this. 

Any idea?


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