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From Mitch Granger <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ - how to makes it stable - don't care about performance - what is the best practise?
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 00:19:54 GMT
What sort of instability are you seeing?  If there were some specific 
areas than people could comment on how they've addressed them.

Also setting that gave stability for one person may not work for 
everyone.  Some good things to know would be:

  - what hardware are you using? or virtualization?
  - what os (for clients and server)?
  - how many brokers are you intending to run and how will you network them?
  - how many queues do you intend to use?
  - how many topics do you intend to use?
  - how many producers or consumers are you expecting?
  - what sort of message volume are you expecting?
  - what protocol will you be using? jms, stomp, etc..?

Czaban wrote:
> Hello, we would like to setup the instance of ActiveMQ 5.3 with the best
> factor of stability - we do not need high performance at all. What is the
> best practice and configuration for this issue?
> Best regards
> Piotr 

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